Coin Name/Material/Value

Cygnaran Coins

Crown/gold/trade standard

Shield/silver/0.1 Crowns

Farthing/copper/0.1 Shields

Swan/gold/2 Crowns

Half-Crown/gold/5 Shields

Half-Shielf/silver/5 Farthings

Khadoran Coins

Koltina/gold/eq. Crown

Denescka/silver/eq. Shield

Kuppek/copper/eq. Farthing

Llaelese Coins(no longer minted and rapidly depreciating)

Goldbust/gold/eq. Crown

Keep/silver/eq. Shield

Kettle/copper/eq. Farthing

Ordic Coins

Royal/gold/eq. Crown

Silverweight/silver/eq. 2 Shields

Galleon/silver/eq. Shield

Half-Galleon/silver/eq. 5 Farthings

Blackpenny/copper/eq. Farthing

Menite Coins

Decastave/clay/eq. 10 Crowns

Stave/clay/eq. Crown

Mark/clay/eq. Shield

Trace/clay/eq. Farthing


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