Feat Points

Gaining Feat Points

Incapacitating/destroying an enemy with an attack

Critical successes on a skill/attack roll

Game Master Award

Use of Feat Points

Boost non-attack skill roll

Suffer only half damage from an attack(feat point is spent after damage is rolled)

Additional quick action

Gain parry

Can charge over rough terrain without penalty

Reroll failed attack, skill, or willpower roll

Move twice speed in inches during a full advance

Shake continuous effects

Shake knockdown

Shake stationary

During a turn in which the character incapacitates one or more enemies with melee attacks, the character can make a full advance at the end of their turn

When dual-wielding, make an attack with both weapons at no penalty

Regain 1d3+1 vitality points(an incapacitated character cannot do this)

Feat Points

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